Group Chat

Saturday, July 8

AMERICUH!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! COMIN TO SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKIN DAY YEAH! Thanks to capitalism, Group Chat is back at Starburns Castle on July 8th! Our first show was a slam dunk and this one’s gonna blow it out of the water! This month, we’re going to have everything. I’m talking world – class comedians, hilarious never-before seen videos, stellar music, and a MOTHERFUCKIN CLOOOOOWN!!! This month’s lineup includes Fabian Gonzalez, Allen Strickland Williams, Andy Kindler, Frankie Quinones, Videos from Jamie Loftus, And music from Drennon Davis and your hosts The Williams Sisters!

Doors at 7:30 show at 8

Come early for free food, good music and chill vibes

Doors @7 Show @8