What About Me?
with Abed & Kali

Friday, May 26

Join us at the Starburns Castle on Friday May 26 for the very first installment of our monthly live sketch comedy variety show!

What About Me? With Abed & Kali will feature sketches with special guest star Rich Fulcher (Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box) along with our cast of special friends, Ryan Ridley (Rick and Morty, Community) and Kelsy Abbott (Uncle Grandpa, Clarence).
Our good pal Willy Roberts will be providing an extra special stand-up routine.

Our very own co-host Kali Kazoo will you send you off with a musical performance that will charm you so much that your future kids will ask about it.

Only 10 bucks!  What are ya gonna spend that on? Beer? Don’t be a stupid lupid!

Doors at 7pm. Show at 8pm.