with Kali and Abed

Thursday, September 28

Hey bingers bongers? What’s that? You love sketch comedy you say, but you’re so bored with those average regular sketch shows? Well come check out What About Me with Kali and Abed.
This is a live sketch show/variety musical experience. There’s a different cast every month, with a new musical act as well as a stand up comedy specialist. Hosted by an animator/musician, Kali Fontecchio and animation/comic book writer, AbedGheith.

This month on Thursday, September 28th, our special guest is host of the Tomorrow Show. Ron Lynch! Also joining us in the sketches is Sam Brown of Whitest Kids you Know and Kate Freund from Channel 101 and recently from a music video by emo band, American Football. We have a writer from Robot Chicken, Deirdre Devlin providing stand-up.

And for music we got Harrison Kipner, who has recently opened for Rick Astley! Kali Kazoo will also be performing some tunes.

So, grab your socked-filled shoes and a tennis racket and don’t miss the fun or we’ll totally sue your ass!

Thursday, September 28th
doors at 8, show at 9
only 10 bucks (That’s only half of what Abed’s glasses cost)